How Does Cloud Mining Work?

We sell to you a part of our machines. Pretty much mining at home, without the noise, electricity costs (we went green) or hassle.


Purchase a contract!

Utilising BTC, LTC or ETH you can rent hashpower from our highly specialized modern machines with as low as $0.5/10GH/s.


Mining Starts

Automatically on confirmation of your purchase our machines fire up and every day you will receive your passive mining income and save the planet from unneccessary carbon emissions.>



Optionally you can choose to automatically reinvest your daily earnings or not.


Withdraw Bitcoins

Upon reaching the minimum threshold of 0.05BTC, you can then choose to withdraw your BTC at any time.

Who are HashByte?

HashByte is a team of entrepreneurs, investors, cryptocurrency experts and climate change believers who are eager to both maximise your profits and help diminish carbon emissions and cost from electricty, by sourcing from both wind and solar. The internet is flooded with overpriced, scam-like mining companies, whose technology, though profitable, is damaging our planet and potentially damaging your wallet. So... how did we start?

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    The Problem

    With so many options for mining, it can become hard to know who to trust, which company actually supports you and which, only support themselves. We needed to find a way to run a mining company that can be trusted, offer security to investors and be highly profitable.

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    The Solution

    HashByte was formed, as a means to provide green energy mining, which saves the planet as well as a safe and secure means of investment to those interested in either just getting started in the cryptocurrency space and those who have been around awhile. We built state-of-the-art machines and facilities that can accomodate a large influx of investors without paying a single cent to an electricty company.

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    Rolling It Out

    As of reading this, the HashByte vision is underway and contracts can be purchased at your earliest convenience. Join the movement, make money and help contribute to ethical and green mining.

choose yourpackage

Select a Plan, lets fire up the rig and watch your profits roll in.



  • Silver package (3,000GH/s - 14,999GH/s) $150.00 - $749.00
  • Gold package (15,000GH/s - 29,999GH/s) $750.00 - $1499.00
  • Diamond package (30,000GH/s and More) $1500.00 and more


  • Silver package (10MH/s - 49MH/s) $50.00 - $599.00
  • Gold package (50MH/s - 99MH/s) $50.00 - $1199.00
  • Diamond package (100MH/s and more) $50.00 and more


  • Silver package (10MH/s - 49MH/s) $100.00 - $499.00
  • Gold package (50MH/s - 99MH/s) $500.00 - $999.00
  • Diamond package (100MH/s) $1000.00 and more


  • Silver package (120.1H/s) $20.00 - $499.00
  • Gold package (600.7H/s) $20.00 - $999.00
  • Diamond package (1201.5H/s and more) $20.00 and more

Why Choose HashByte?

We aren't just a pretty face, see below just some of the reasons to invest with us!

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    Lightning-Fast Support

    Having some problems? Easy. We have your back, contact us using our wide support network and get help from both the community and our qualified team.

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    Live Dasboard

    Get real-time statistics on your earnings, across all your contracts in one place. The HashByte Hive, our leading cloud-mining dashboard.

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    Affiliate Program

    With offer a single level affiliate program, earning you 5% on all intial investments and reinvestments made by your affiliates.

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    Leading Profits

    We offer some of the highest returns on our mining contracts, thanks to our low costs, fees and having no electrcity bills.

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    Ease Of Use

    Investing with us is simple, ensuring for a smooth and easy experience.

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    Lowest Prices

    Due to our use of renewable energy, efficient systems and just having a darn good team, we can ensure we offer the lowest and most competitive pricing for our contracts.

Ready to fire up your mining machines?

Joining is as easy as making an account, choosing your contract, deposit the required payment amount. On confirmation of the purchase your mining contract would become effective, firing up your mining rigs, sit back and watch your earnings grow.

We try to ensure we keep our standard of service to the highest possible. If you have had a bad experience with HashByte, need to chat to a team member or have a general suggestion/enquiry, please utilise the below means of contact.