If we want to place a beginners in bets, the first thing we have to do, especially in basketball and football (which is what I do best), look at the latest results of the team we are going to bet on. If they play at home to watch the streak at home, how are they giving the matches at home so far since playing at home is always a very important factor to obtain the victory but if a team at home is void we may be beaten , hence its importance.

Just like watching the streak at home we have to examine the streak outside of the house that there are teams that for a strange reason are better or better to play outside. Everyone who starts betting, is a little lost, then I will explain some details that we should take into account to take this easy and above all have fun, some tips:

Long-term bets

We should not only take into account if Barcelona beat Real Madrid or if Almeria ties with Osasuna, we must take into account many factors and as the name indicates long-term bets tend to be very positive in these cases, how is it going? the league ?, How do quotas move ?, a season goes a long way, quota movements, trading. Tennis tournaments usually give a lot of tennis in these bets, if the favorite does not win, we can go out with a lot of money ahead.

beginners in bets

Luck doesn’t count

We will try to have the maximum controlled bet, see if the best player in a team is injured, if they play with substitutes, that kind of detail usually unbalances the balance to one side or the other. Do not take into account the fate of a team, this does not exist.

Statistics beginners in bets

All kinds of statistics help our bets, results of other months of the teams, results between them, tennis matches between players for example, last disputed games, and so on.

Favorite team and non-favorite team

The teams we “love” and “hate” better not to touch them, we always tend to bet for or against them, this can lead us to lose a lot of money, I personally recommend never betting on any of them, the heart may more than head.

Tranquility on beginners in bets

beginners in bets

By this I mean that if we lose a bet, we do not immediately play another bet without having clear things, simply to recover the lost, this leads to uncontrollable losses. These are some small tips for people who start, have some things in mind, not just the fees and if one team is better than the other.

Depending on the streak we can choose either victory at home or away from home. In addition, an influential factor is the level between the two teams that face each other, since if a team has a higher level and is more logically good, it can achieve victory. Even so if we have any doubt in simply betting on the victory because we are not sure and the results do not indicate us too much we can bet on the double opportunity to which we believe that it is leading to better results in case of any surprise a draw comes out.

This factor of playing at home or away is also quite important in terms of the number of goals in a match or the points scored by a team in a match, since if a team plays at home and is stuck at home it can score more points or Score more goals, or the other way around if the team is set outside the home. Also the scoring of goals or points will depend on the stars of the team; that is, in the form of the star players since if they are in good shape there will be a greater probability of scoring. In short, to make any type of bet from my opinion it is quite important to take into account

Tips to be better

Tips for betting better 6 years ago I was interested in this world of betting and I would like to give you a series of tips based on my personal experience. To all the people who start in this I advise to play small amounts, the first thing is to get acquainted to the environment that is new for us, I during the first few days. If we have knowledge in a sport not trusting ourselves, being understood in a sport does not imply being a good forecaster.

How to present a good pick beginners in bets

One of the greatest utilities of sports betting websites are the picks that their users leave on them, and that are often a source of inspiration for all those bettors who, not being experts in a subject, rely on the criteria of others in theory more prepared. It is appreciated the efforts of all those people who selflessly share their forecasts, but we believe that there is a specific aspect that should be improved:

beginners in bets

A forecast can be right or wrong, of course, but it is advisable to always include a small analysis of the event, justifying the reasons that lead us to that particular conclusion.

By this we mean that it is not acceptable to propose a result without providing an analysis of the event, or simply including as a “plot” a mere collection of statistics, mixed and not studied.

A brief reasoned comment of two or three lines may be more than enough, so we should encourage all bettors to argue their position in order to maintain a serious and minimally professional debate, and for those who are to be guided by our Proposal can say for themselves if they agree or not in what we predict.

With this small gesture by the entire community of bettors, we would almost certainly increase the success rate of our picks, something that ultimately benefits all of us.

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