Gambling with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is one of the most interesting developments in recent years. The existence of a currency without the support of a bank or nation has never occurred on such a large scale before. Online casinos naturally play into this new option to pay. People who like to gamble online want to know if this is a safe and reliable payment option.

This is a cryptocurrency

Classic currencies are managed by a central body and often also produced. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, do not have an administrator. Instead, they are managed by mathematical processes. A coin is worth more if it is in demand and less if no one wants it any longer.

Good cryptocurrencies are very reliable. The most important thing about a digital currency is that it is safe and reliable to determine who owns which coins. As long as an online casino is reliable, you can safely pay with cryptocurrency.


Online gambling with Cryptocurrency

At most online casinos you can now do business with difficulty with cryptocurrencies. You can deposit money into your account and, of course, get paid out again. It is one of the standard payment options. You will find the option next to online wallets, iDeal and credit cards, for example. There are even online casinos where you can only gamble with cryptocurrency.

An important difference here is that your cryptocurrency is not converted to another unit. That is why these online casinos are better suited if you want to take advantage of the often strong growth in the value of cryptocurrencies.

Gambling with crypto

Is it safe to gamble with Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is one of the most reliable payment options on the internet. This is partly because there is no personal information involved. That is one of the many benefits of the underlying system of cryptocurrency.

Everything is determined by mathematical calculations. There is no bank involved that checks whether everything is in order based on your personal details. Hackers can therefore never get any data from you when you pay with cryptocurrency.

They cannot therefore misuse that data. Partly for this reason it is absolutely safe to gamble with cryptocurrency. Of course you must always pay attention that an online casino itself is reliable.


Reasons to gamble with cryptocurrency

As said, it is incredibly safe. And when it comes to money that is still the most important requirement. But cryptocurrencies have more to offer than just safety. It is also a very fast way to pay.

All financial transactions take place immediately. Within a few seconds you deposit money into your casino account or withdraw it again. In addition, cryptocurrencies are universal payment options.

You can pay worldwide and never have to take into account all kinds of conversions. Everyone plays in the same way and under the same conditions. For all these reasons, cryptocurrency will increasingly be used for online gambling.

What are free spins and how can you receive them?

Before you are eligible for free spins you will of course first have to create an account at an online casino. The range of online casinos is huge and so every online casino is constantly trying to stand out with attractive bonuses, including the welcome bonus. This is where the free spins pass for the first time. Online casinos often offer dozens of free spins that you can use to start gambling.

It depends on each casino whether this is a ‘no deposit bonus’ or ‘deposit bonus’. For one you do not have to deposit money into your new account first, for the other you do have to deposit money before the free spins are awarded to you.

Free spins with a welcome bonus

As a new player at an online casino you can therefore get two types of free spins; with a no deposit bonus and with a deposit bonus. Often the number of free spins with a no deposit bonus is lower, because you do not have to deposit money for this and the casino can actually only lose, although in the long term the money will be recouped in some cases. In addition, free spins are linked to a number of important conditions that you must meet before you can have the money won in your own bank account. These include the following conditions:


Play winnings: The amount that you win with the free spins, you must consequently play around an X number of times.

Days for playing: Directly in relation to the number of times the winnings on free spins are played, the period in which you can play these is stated. The number of games in which you can play the free spins is sometimes limited

. A welcome bonus with free spins sometimes comes in combination with a special bonus code. You must enter this when activating your new account.

The aforementioned difference between a deposit and no deposit bonus. The number of days the free spins are in your account. Bonus amount + winnings amount or just the winnings amount. An example of the free spins welcome bonus

At casino a you get a welcome bonus of 50 free spins and it is a deposit bonus. You will receive the maximum number of 50 free spins when you have deposited 50 euros. It only needs to play the amount won and you have to do it 30 times within 30 days. Suppose you have 50 euros left over after all free spins are deployed, then you must bet a total of 1,500 euros in spins within 30 days.

Also for loyal players

Not only new players are rewarded with free spins at online casinos. Almost every online casino knows how to find its loyal players when it comes to bonuses. Free spins are an excellent way to reactivate loyal players or players who have been less active for a while to play more. When an online casino starts distributing free spins to loyal or active players, there are usually fewer conditions attached to this.

In some cases, you even get ‘bare’ free spins, with no conditions attached. All the profit that you get from this is actually for you. It is fun of online casinos to thank loyal players.

Advantages of free spins


Free spins provide a unique casino experience. It gives the same tension as paid spins, but entails less risk. For new players it is the perfect way to get acquainted with certain video slots or slot machines, if they have no experience with this. Experienced players can use the free spins to further increase their winnings. Incidentally, free spins are also often handed out by online casinos when an active player has lost a lot of money in the recent period. Below you can see the biggest advantages of free spins in a row:

Often risk-free

No loss of money if things go wrong. Good opportunity to discover new casino games. Great invitation to continue where you left off; gamble and win money.

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