Facts about online casino

Online casino have grown enormously in recent years in number and in addition to the offer within the casino. Every day we can see how fast the casino industry is growing and the number of online players is also increasing rapidly. The range varies from standard slot machines to large poker events, and from video slots to unique slots with special themes. The number of jackpots is also unrivaled and therefore the experience for online players.

What you probably don’t know…

In short, the online casino world is rich in controversial stories, exciting events and impressive winnings. What is true and what is not true about what people say about online casinos? Here you can read some surprising facts about online casinos that you have not seen before.

Online casino

The biggest online profit

The fact that you can also win large amounts at online casinos is proven by someone’s biggest jackpot. On January 20, 2013, a Finnish man became the lucky winner of no less than € 17,861,800. He played the casino game Mega Fortune, a relatively unknown slot until that time.

Biggest jackpot at Mega Fortune

Although the name of this Finnish man is still unknown, he can call himself the biggest winner ever in an online casino. When, after winning the jackpot, he contacted the support of the online casino where he played, he only found out how much he had won. He said that in the hours after his win he had to laugh and cry at the same time!

A higher payout percentage in Online casino

Online casino

What a nicer experience is, a physical casino or online casino, the opinions differ. Some people prefer to sit at home, where they are not bothered by other visitors. Other people seek the experience of physical casinos such as blog.mk Casino, where people can gamble with each other and make a profit.

A clear difference between online and physical casinos is the payout percentage. Online casinos offer a payout percentage that the largest physical casinos in the world can only dream of.

Men vs Women

Of course we find it interesting to look at the ratio of men / women playing at online casinos. Do not expect surprising numbers, because men are in the majority when it comes to playing at online casinos. Until recently, the ratio was 84% ​​men and 18% women.

Men and women

The men still beat the women

Incidentally, the first legal casino license for a physical casino was issued to a woman named Maye Stocker in 1920. Still a surprise if you look at the ratio of men / women playing in online casinos.

Physical casino versus online casino

The same statistic as the male / female ratio can be made for the number of people who continue to play in a physical casino, as opposed to the number of people who choose an online casino. The figures are even more unequal to this calculation, as it appears that around 90% of people prefer online casinos, while only 10% of gamblers have remained loyal to the physical casinos.

That makes you wonder what the answer is to whether people have a better experience with gambling in an online casino or physical casino. Incidentally, 33% of gamblers see themselves as a professional gambler in an online casino.

Online casino

Without money in online casinos

You would say that the vast majority of visitors to an online casino come to achieve high profits. Yet there is still a substantial proportion of online gamblers who prefer experience with a casino game to winning and therefore choose to play without betting. Online casinos do not always win money with every active player.

Online casino Small countries, large licenses

You would expect that the center of gravity of licenses granted to online casinos comes from Western Europe or America. Large Gambling Authorities, however, are not so much found in this environment, but increasingly on small island groups.

Licenses in distant countries

For example, the most universal licenses for online casinos, with which they can demonstrate their reliability, are issued by the Gambling Authorities in Gibraltar, Malta or even Curacao. Moreover, these authorities can still be found in countries such as America, England and Belgium.

The first online casino

Online casino

The internet is not there yet, so online casinos are also a fairly new concept. Only in 1997 was the first license issued to an online casino. This casino was named “Inter casino”, referring to Internet Casino System Version IV.

Nowadays, the number of online casinos has increased considerably and worldwide legislation is becoming freer. There are already more than 2,000 online casinos, each with its own character.

Online casino Bitcoin

Did you know that at online casinos you can also gamble with the Bitcoin? More and more often you will even see special Bitcoin casinos, which with unique software and faster payments make the market of online casinos even bigger. The Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that currently rises to great heights in value and which many gamblers like to take advantage of.

Effective and winning strategies

Researchers call the online casino strategies myths that are not true. According to research, it is impossible to predict the outcome of a ball within roulette. Also with other casino games you do not have a comprehensive and winning strategy, although some options do approach it. So you have the doubling strategy that you can hardly lose. However, you never have a hundred percent certainty in a game of chance and therefore not at an online casino.

A winning strategy for gambling in online casinos, you read a lot about it and some believe in their strategy. The winning player is always right say some players. We like to stick to the facts and figures.

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