10 things the casino doesn’t tell you

There are many myths about the casino and the game on offer, but what is true and what isn’t? Here you can read at least 10 things that the casino does not tell you.

1. The casino house always wins and now even more

Every casino, whether it is a blog.mk Casino, has a certain house advantage on all games. Examples now show that the house advantage is actually converted into hard black numbers. For example, the profits of American casinos in 2003 increased to 27 billion dollars compared to 11 billion in 1993. In addition, many casinos nowadays also use smart tricks in the payout. A game like blackjack traditionally assumed a 3-to-2 payout, but has now switched to a 6-to-5 payout. That saves almost 20% in terms of payout; the house always wins.


2. The so-called ‘comp cards’

Another striking message from America. Where in the Netherlands we have the so-called favorites cards, in America they have the comp cards. They are cards for loyal players that allow them to save points while gambling. These can then be exchanged for food & drinks, overnight stays or play credit. However, the comp cards are more expensive than expected; the more people play, the faster it goes. However, it ensures that people lose money faster than normal and only win occasionally. For example, if you have saved enough for an overnight stay in one of the hotels in Las Vegas, chances are that you have first lost 500 euros for this.

3. Paying for exchange

Many major international casinos use a so-called ATM fee. This means that when you have won money and want to redeem it, you must pay a fixed amount as a fee. This has grown considerably in recent years. Nowadays you can pay a fee of € 7.50 in some casinos. It boosts the profits of casinos and they actually have nothing to worry about.

4. Oils and odors in the ventilation

Ever felt that there was a strange odor in the casino that made you slightly intoxicated? Sometimes casinos do such odors in their ventilation system, so that people prove to spend more. Often such scents are added to add extra force to the casino theme. Doing this has shown that people are willing to stay longer and therefore spend more money than normal.

5. Casino Payout is high, but you do not always win

Casinos sometimes sell with high payout percentages, also online casinos. For example, a casino can go on sale with a payout percentage of 95%. This does not mean that you actually win 95% of the time, because then the casino would be bankrupt in no time. With a video slot, a payout percentage of 95% means earlier that a total of 95% of the money entered will also be paid out by customers. So it is not that every player has a 95% chance of winning at that specific game.

6. The less you play, the less your payout

Ever thought that you saved money by playing on less expensive slots? Think about it again. Many slots with a lower minimum bet also have a lower payout than slots where the minimum bet is a lot higher. Logical, because the more money is put in the slot, the more money there is to hand out. But also for regular winnings, your payout is actually a lot lower.

7. Counting cards

Although it is very attractive, it is forbidden to count cards on the floor of the casino. So don’t use mobile phones or special sunglasses to virtually count cards; if you get caught you can not only be thrown out of the casino, but also have to pay a fine. Nevertheless, it is not punishable to count with your bare head how many Ace or King Cards are still in play. To do this, you must of course know how many decks are in the game. Counting is therefore legal, as long as you don’t make it stand out. However, casino employees are not enthusiastic about it and you can expect a tap on your shoulder if they find out.

8. Cheating in casino

People will never tell you in exact terms at a casino, but a suspicion of cheating causes you to be on the radar early on. If things get out of hand that the police have to be called in, you often have a problem. Although your story can prove the contrary, in practice there are sufficient examples of such suspicions in which the police have chosen the side of the casino for no apparent reason.

9. Criminal practices

Blog.mk once made a documentary about the close link between crime and money laundering in casinos. Research during the documentary even showed that in practice many casino employees know about possible money laundering, but in many cases they let it go. A casino employee even stated that “when someone wants to exchange one ton of cash for chips, you know what time it is.”

10. Politics and casino

Although casinos and politicians will always strongly deny it, there is certainly reason to believe that casinos pay money to local politicians in exchange for flexible legislation on gambling. Although that is probably not so bad in the Netherlands, there are clear indications from America that casinos have played a role in the legalization of slot machines in certain states. Senior officials from the local government were bribed for this reason.

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