Sizzling peppers

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Players can experience the excitement with sizzling peppers in Hot Slots, the most exciting slot machine game available today! Hot Slots is the hottest bonus game on online slots, with players winning more than a few times while using no coins. This exciting bonus game can be played by anyone, anywhere–and is guaranteed to thrill all of your casino friends! Enjoy the bonus rounds on Hot Slots, and earn extra credits that you can use toward purchasing additional spins. Plus, win big with special sizzling pepper icons awarded in every win round on Hot Slots!


Bonus rounds feature colorful icons featuring a variety of hot icons that add fun to this exciting video slot game. The traditional symbols for jackpots, progressive jackpots, single-spinning reels, slot machines that feature “hot” icons, and more are featured on many of the bonus rounds. The graphics on these icons have been improved to make them easier to identify, making it easier for players to win big with sizzling peppers. These symbols include:


Hot Slots is based on the popular video slot machine game called Crazy Cash, which was one of the first slot games to feature animated graphics and audio effects. The new Hot Slots version offers high-quality graphics, with sound effects that rival those used in modern slot machines. In addition, the bonus rounds of Hot Slots feature an authentic version of Cash’s theme song. Players can even purchase songs from the Hot Slots album, featuring popular hits like Goldiella and Let it Go. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to buy “real” coins to add to your stash!


A classic fruit machine game that features Hot Slots is the classic grape or lollipops game. However, this version has been updated for the PC to provide a faster gaming experience. The new version features a completely new reel design that provides unique playing opportunities. The reels now feature unique images and graphics, as well as music that fit the slots slot machine’s theme.


The bonus rounds of Hot Slots feature two unique images: one is of a cartoon bear shaking a lollipop, while the other is of a couple of cartoon cups with lollipops. These symbols are printed on a video slot machine screen. When players hit the icons, they hear a cheerful, happy tune from the video slot machine. The Hot Slots symbols along with the song’s melody trigger a video screen alert that displays the symbols, images, and song. At this point, the maximum payout will be triggered, and the player will get the maximum amount of coins!