Jewels of the orient

Microgaming has guaranteed that players now have the very best casino games in the slots category and this has been proven by Jewel of the Orient. In this online slot, you get to visit China where you will travel around different interesting characters and other women. The graphics for this game are excellent and the whole background is a vivid green garden. It also has some animation, but not too much. This casino game is definitely not one of those flash games that you have to wait for your computer to load.


If you are a slots player who loves to bet real money then you should try this out. You can use real money in this game and if you lose on the first spin you get to try again. The good thing about this online slot is that you do not have to pay real cash as the payment here is done via credits that you have earned from playing the game. The symbols that are used for paying off winnings in this game include the following: the jackpot symbols, bonus symbols, multi-line symbols, regular symbols, small denomination symbols and regular coins. There are even jewels for the jackpot symbol!


When it comes to video slot machines the winners get the largest reward. In the case of jewels of the orient, a player gets twice the prize that he won on the virtual slots. Some symbols are worth two credits, while others are worth three. The small denomination symbols are worth a maximum of nine credits, while the regular coins can be used for placing bets on all types of video slot machines. There are no special icons for this kind of slot machine and they are played exactly like any other video slot machine.