Crazy chameleons

The Crazy Chameleons is another very unique themed slot machine by Microgaming. The game theme is based on the antics of a friendly chameleon basking in the sun on a beach enjoying all the sounds and sights. The colorful gaming machine is a lot of fun and easy to learn and play. If you enjoy playing video games, then the casino game may be just the thing for you to relax with while waiting for the new line to come out.


In the bonus area, there are several different types of bonus that can be earned while playing the Crazy Chameleon. The first bonus is the ability to spin the reels by pushing a directional button. While spinning the reels, you are also able to rack up points and earn bonus points as well. Additional bonuses include a bowling ball and other items that can be used during a game. These bonuses do not accumulate interest like regular bonuses so it is important that you keep these separate from the actual money so you can use them at a time when you have the time.


Microgaming’s crazy chameleons game is a lot of fun to play and provides a nice change of pace from the traditional casino slot games. It does have its fair share of luck and opportunity associated with it, but the main focus is the fun and quick gameplay associated with the colorful chameleons that are featured in the machine. As you progress through the casino, the odds do eventually get better and as long as you bet sensibly, you should be able to come out on top, winning big jackpot prizes!